Sweet Pea's Story

Sweet Pea’s Bakery is owned and run by Pastry Chef Danielle Luisi. She attended and received her Associates in Occupational Studies and Bachelor’s of Professional Studies in Baking and Pastry Arts Management from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. She traveled to California and Italy to extend her training in the field where she received extensive training on bread baking and pastries. She was the pastry chef at Annie Gunn’s for 7 years prior to starting Sweet Pea’s. With her expertise and perfectionist ways you’re guaranteed to get the best pastry available every single time.

We offer your restaurant in-house made desserts/pastries for your guests. Sweet Pea is your own personal pastry chef without the salary, benefits, cost of goods, and space needed for her and the supplies. She offers a full pastry menu for desserts, appetizers and even signature items for just your restaurant. She can do special events including pairing pastries with wine dinners. Her menu items are prepared fresh and made to order. With local, seasonal and only the best ingredients in her baked goods you know her product is superior to the frozen boxed desserts out there. Upgrade your dessert menu and end your superior meal with Sweet Pea’s.

Double your money on each serving without the hassle of storing ingredients and people. Don’t have a pastry chef? No worries, allow Sweet Pea to be yours! Don’t have time to make something, going on vacation? No worries, let Sweet Pea take that off your plate. No more overtime. No more headaches. Just some high quality, great tasting pastries delivered to your doorstep.